Incident Response

Incident Response

If a member, or maintainer, of BioJulia breaks the code of conduct, and you are the target of harassing or otherwise bad behaviour, you may immediately report the incident to one of the admin maintainers of BioJulia.

When making a report to admin, you should be as descriptive as possible, and be as objective as possible to help the admin responsibly handle the incident. Be accurate in your report as to the actual events, if possible, collect screen shots and other lines of evidence which cannot be denied.

Example report

insults to other member's intelligence during what was previously a technical discussion.

The admin members must make an email address available to the BioJulia community members, through which they can be contacted. Report the incident to the admin members. They will keep a a copy of your report confidential.

Responding to reports

When responding to a report, an admin will:

When responding to reports, admins pledge to:

Judging the risk and impact of incidents

When deciding on the severity of a report, an admin must consider:

When deciding the risk associated with a report, and admin must consider:

The following example table can be used to asses the risk and impact of incidents:

ImpactLow RiskHigh Risk
Low ImpactInappropriate jokes made in privateMember has previous reputation for online harassment
High ImpactConstant inappropriate jokesPersistent co-ordinated harassment

Determining the response to an incident.

Admins may use the following example table to help them decide on the appropriate action to take following an incident report.

ImpactLow RiskHigh Risk
Low ImpactVerbal warningTake notes and follow up later
High ImpactPublic apologyCo-Ordinated whole team response: Removal of member from pages and positions of responsibility. Possible block from group entirely.

As stated in the off-boarding guidelines, if a member with a degree of responsibility and administrative privileges is reported as breaching code of conduct, they may be off-boarded immediately without the required notification period. This is to prevent the offending individual from abusing their position and retaliating against anyone they think made a report. When a conduct breach incident is resolved, if the accused is to remain a BioJulia member, then the precautionary off-boarding can be reversed. If the consequence of a conduct breach is expulsion from BioJulia, then the off-boarding will not be reversed.

Following up after acting on an incident

Following an incident, after the admin has issued appropriate action, they must follow up with the individual(s) that made the report. This means letting the affected individual that made the report know the following:

  1. Was a code of conduct breach found.

  2. What was the response of the admin (e.g. reprimand, or more severe consequence.).

  3. Whether they are satisfied with the outcome of the process.

  4. Anything further that needs to be discussed.