Contribute packages

Submitting a package to BioJulia

If you have written a package, and would like to have it listed under - and endorsed by - the BioJulia organization, you're agreeing to the following:

  1. Take responsibility/ownership for the continued maintenance of the package.

  2. Allowing BioJulia to have joint ownership of the package. This is so that the members can help you review and merge pull requests and other contributions, and also help you to develop new features. This policy ensures that you (as the package author and current maintainer) will have good support in maintaining your package to the highest possible quality.

  3. Go through a joint review/decision on a suitable package name. This usually the original package name. However, pakcage authors may be asked to rename their package to something more official and discoverable (by search engines and such) if it is contentious or non-standard.

To submit your package, follow these steps:

  1. Announce your package on the BioJulia Gitter channel.

  2. At this point maintainers will reach out to mentor and vouch for you and your package. They will:

  3. Discuss with you a suitable name.

  4. Help you ensure the the package is up to standard, and meets the code and contribution guidelines described on this site.

  5. Add you to the BioJulia organisation (optional).

  6. Transfer ownership of the package.