This documentation lays out the guidelines and some tutorials for Biologists, Bioinformaticians, and Computational Biologists, who want to contribute to the BioJulia community.

This documentation is split into two broad categories.

The first section, called "How do I...?" contains a set of simple walkthrough style guides for contributing in different ways.

The second section, called "Policies and Guidelines". This section contains the agreed on policies that members, maintainers, and administrators are expected to adhere to.

BioJulia welcomes contributions in several forms including through Github Pull Requests, through opening Github Issues, and through package submissions. BioJulia welcomes contributions of all kinds to the community, this includes but is not limited to code contributions.

Take a look through the articles in the "How do I...?" section to get started.

Our community code of conduct

We have a policy of being as open and inclusive as possible at all times, and we are always happy for people to contribute and join in the community. We welcome (and strive to be inclusive of) all people, of all backgrounds. To help us all achieve this we have a code of conduct that all members and visitors are expected to follow, please read this.

Package specific contribution rules

As explained in the Organization of the BioJulia community section, the structure of the BioJulia is not strictly centralized: different BioJulia people maintain different packages. So in addition to being familiar with the BioJulia Contribution guidelines presented in this manual, it's also a good idea check out the online documentation for packages you use and/or contribute to, and see if there are additional contributing rules or guidelines.